The Island Project Charity

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The Island Project is a registered charity which runs the School and provides help and support to the families of our pupils.

Whilst all placements at the School are funded by Local Authorities, we rely heavily on charitable donations to provide additional support, particularly around guidance, assistance and help to families in times of crisis.

To promote, maintain and advance the education and wellbeing of children and young people with autism and related communication and behavioural disorders in the West Midlands and Warwickshire area.


To advance the acceptance of those diagnosed with autism through a school and through the provision of training, training materials and the dissemination of research results to professionals and carers;

To provide further education into adulthood;

To provide and extend any services to help children and young adults with autism to achieve the best possible educational and other outcomes;

To promote and provide services to promote independence and community inclusion




To work with local authorities to identify and deliver provision of services where needed, and to share and disseminate expertise and best practice; and



To provide guidance, assistance and help to families and carers of children and young people diagnosed with autism and associated disorders.

Charitable Objectives

How you can help

If you shop with Amazon, you can help support the Island Project by buying through Amazon Smile - you can either select Smile on the website, or through an app on your phone.  Further information can be found below: