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Talentino, a new and exciting partnership for 2024

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Talentino.

Outcomes for our pupils are always key to all our planning and delivery and having Talentino packages add to our careers and life pathways development. All staff took part in training in January 2024.

"Talentino challenges the status quo to enable all young people, regardless of their additional needs, to achieve optimum career outcomes. Our collaborations with key partners like the CEC and consultations with experts in the careers landscape such as the CDI, allows us to deliver impactful support through training and resource development that builds confidence and opportunities for young people in Schools and Special Schools."

For further information please refer to our Careers Guidance policy and the Talentino website

Melanie Collett will be point of contact regarding Careers guidance at The Island Project.

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