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Applied Behaviour Analysis 

"Behaviour analysis is not a therapy or a treatment approach; it is the science of understanding behaviour. If you are interested in learning more about the history and development of this science, please see the document here: "Behaviour Analysis: From Science to Profession". Therapies based on this science have garnered a wealth of evidence to show they are effective in helping people learn new skills, as well as reducing or eliminating engagement in behaviours that might be harmful to them or others. Research in behaviour analysis is ongoing, here in the UK and around the world. Every day we are learning new things about behaviour, as well as how we can use this information to help people reach their goals and improve the quality of their lives."

UK Society for Behaviour Analysis 


"Behaviour analysis is the science of behaviour . . .  , which is based on the premise that attempts to improve the human condition through behaviour change . . . will be most effective if behaviour itself is the primary focus." (BCAB)

Behaviour Analysts work in a range of sectors including mainstream and special education, in the NHS and adult care services and governmental departments.  Their role is to look at group changes in behaviour, which in government may be  increasing recycling, and in industry helping with employee motivation


Most Behaviour Analysts specialise in particular settings and services they provide can work in a variety of ways; from intensive 1:1 teaching for children with Autism, to whole-group strategies in mainstream schools.

Behaviour analysis focuses on teaching small measurable units in a systematic way. Because Behaviour Analysis is a science, all teaching and therapeutic approaches that are derived from the science are data based. A Behaviour Analyst (or BA) will carefully observe  and collect data.  This data to then used to make decisions about what approaches to recommend and to determine whether those recommendations are working.

The Island Project has two BA's who form part of the therapeutic team and are involved in devising the individual curriculum for each pupil in School.

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